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In today’s business landscape, companies of all sizes grasp the significance of cultivating meaningful connections with the communities they serve, a commitment that extends to giving back. This fundamental element of conducting business stems from the expectations of customers and employees, who hold Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in high regard.

“Corporate social responsibility allows businesses to assess their societal impact and establish responsible, ethical policies that support employees, customers, communities, and the environment.”

Engaging in CSR doesn’t have to be expensive, but the efforts do need to be genuine and consistent.

That’s why The Rock aligns with Multimedia Sales & Marketing (MSM), pioneers with over 20 years of experience in assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in implementing CSR initiatives through Social Impact programs. This partnership underscores that CSR is not solely reserved for large corporations with substantial budgets! Just as great classic rock songwriters identify with their audience, MSM helps local small businesses truly connect with their communities. Allow one of MSM’s Specialists to demonstrate how the latest digital advertising tools can benefit your business and community through affordable Social Impact marketing. Together, we can harmonize your business with the pulse of your community, creating a powerful impact that resonates like a classic rock anthem.

Did You Know…?

78% of Consumers want companies to address important social justice issues
87% of Consumers will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about
75% of Employees felt a company’s commitment to CSR was important when considering a job offer
62% of Small Businesses in the US have adopted some form of CSR practices

CSR Trends according to groups like the Society of Human Resource Management, the SBA, and the National Retail Federation



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